PhD Workshops

The 2018 INPE program committee announces the hosting of two PhD workshops as part of its conference activities.

The aim of the workshops is to inspire a dialogue between students about the content, methodology and aims of their PhD research projects in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that invites the sharing of philosophical ideas, and concerns. The workshops give PhD students from across the globe a chance to present their research, and in turn to gain insights into the work that is being carried out by fellow students. The workshops also grant the opportunity to network with academics and students as well as to create and strengthen professional relationships. The workshops will be led by Professor Sharon Todd and Professor Christiane Thompson who will provide students with a feedback on their work. Professor Todd is the head of the department of Education in the School of Education at Maynooth University, the author of “Learning from the Other: Levinas, Psychoanalysis and Ethical Possibilities in Education (2003) and Toward an Imperfect Education: Facing Humanity, Rethinking Cosmopolitanism (2009) and one of the leading scholars in the field of philosophy of education. Prof. Thomson teaches at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt, she is the author of Bildung und die Grenzen der Erfahrung. Randgänge der Bildungsphilosophie (2009), and one of the key scholars in the field of theory, philosophy and history of education and of ‘Bildung’.

The INPE organizing committee warmly invites PhD students who are interested in presenting their work in an international context and in receiving feedback from peers and leading scholars in the field, to use this unique learning opportunity and to submit a proposal to the workshops. We welcome submissions from PhD students at any stage of their PhD work. We also welcome a variety of research topics that are not exclusively or directly connected with the INPE 2018 conference theme.

5 grants of 350 Euros are available to support junior scholars who wish to participate in the PhD Workshops. These grants are available to INPE members only, who are not tenured and who have not yet finished a PhD, AND who live in a low income country (as designated by the World Bank) and have no other funding possibilities. Successful candidates must be preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of philosophy of education.

Submissions should include:

(a) A short CV.

(b) A title page, including supervisor’s details and academic affiliation.

(c) A short paper on the student’s PhD work (including content, methodology and aims) or a draft article that the student wishes to present at the workshop (up to 2000 words).

All submissions should be sent to the Chair of the Programme Committee, Joris Vlieghe, at .

Deadline for Submissions: February 1, 2018.

Decisions will be announced by March, 15 2018.