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University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

Haifa is a beautiful Mediterranean city surrounded by miles of natural beaches and the Carmel National Park. In addition, Haifa is Israel’s foremost port city for international commerce and a center of high tech industry. Haifa is the world center of the Baha'i faith, and the Jewish, Christian, Moslem and Druze communities play important roles in shaping the city’s harmonious and friendly social ambiance. Haifa is a city that offers all forms of cultural entertainment with its internationally acclaimed symphony orchestra and theater and numerous cinemas, discos, restaurants and pubs.

The University of Haifa is the largest research university in Israel's northern region.
It is located on top of Mt. Carmel on the southeast side of the city bordering on the Carmel National Park. Over 18,000 students are enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the faculties of humanities, social science, natural science, education, health and human services, management, and law. The University is also the home of a number of research institutes and study centers and offers extensive pre-academic and external study programs.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa is Israel's leading research faculty of education. Over 2000 students are enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs in the departments of learning, instruction, and teacher education, counseling and human development, leadership and policy studies in education, special education, learning disabilities, and mathematics education. The Faculty of Education is also home to a number of leading research centers and laboratories including the Edmund J. Safra Center for Brain Science and Learning Disabilities, Links: Israel Center for Research Excellence in Learning in Technologically Enhanced Communities, The National Centers for Mathematics Education, and the Center for Jewish Education.

How to Arrive from the Airport to Haifa:

Ben Gurion International Airport is about a 1.5 hour car ride from the University of Haifa. It is very easy to find your way from Ben-Gurion International Airport to the University of Haifa. The three best options are:

1) Sherut: Shared or shuttle taxis called sherut wait outside the arrivals hall exit at Terminal 3. There are sherut taxies directly to Haifa, and you will see signs “Shuttle to Haifa” as you exit the airport. Let the driver know that you need to be dropped off as close as possible to your hotel address. As soon as the sherut van fills with ten people, it will leave for Haifa. The cost of the sherut is about 87-120 shekels or about $25-30. Please note that at night and on weekends the charge might be more.

2) Train: There is a train station at the airport where you can board a train that will bring you directly to Haifa. You will want to get off at the "Hof HaCarmel" train station in Haifa. From there you can either take bus #46, #146 or a private taxi to the University. The cost of the train is about 40 shekel (about $12). A bus to campus will cost 6.60 shekel (about $1.80). A private taxi to the university will cost another 60-80 shekel ($20) depending on the time of day and day of week. The train is very comfortable, but if you have large amounts of luggage, it might be a challenge.

3) Private taxi: Private taxis wait at the airport to take travelers to all destinations in Israel. A private taxi from the airport to the University of Haifa will cost between 400-600 Shekel ($100-$150). Please note that at night and on weekends the charge might be more.

Guests arriving to Israel During the weekend (Friday and Saturday):

Most of Israeli public transportation does not operate on the weekends, from Friday 17:00 – Saturday 20:00. For those arriving to the airport on these hours, the most preferable options of transportation are

1. Shuttle taxies (called Sherut) – see above

2. Private taxies - see above